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There is no communication with the equipment. Red Indicator.

Problems of communication between equipment (converter) and server.

In the GuardSaaS system, the equipment periodically communicates with the server.

If the converter does not communicate with the server within a few minutes, the communication indicator turns red and the last connection time does not change.

If the communication indicator is red and at least the indicator of one of the converters is orange, then this converter does not communicate with the server.
The instruction on check and search of malfunctions is on our forum:

If the converters indicators are green, and one or more controllers are orange, this means that there is no communication on the 485 line between this controller and its converter.

Try to restart the controller and the converter by temporarily turning the power off.
If the problem does not dare, then look for a wire break.
If there is no breakage, the controller is likely to fail. In this case, contact the installation company to replace the equipment.