Cloud solution for access control and monitoring of the work time

Where to start?

Where to start?

First, you need to purchase hardware.

Currently, the system only works with equipment produced by the company Iron Logic. Contact your nearest representative and find out what kind of equipment you need to buy and get a recommendation for the installation of equipment at your facility. Large amount of information on the equipment of access control systems is available on the manufacturer's website:

To use the GuardSaaS system with the cloud service you need at least one converter Z397-Web.

There are certain restrictions on the hardware configuration using GuardSaaS:

  • one converter can be connected to up to 16 controllers
  • the system can not handle more than 2,000 cards (memory limitations of controllers Matrix II Net and Z-5R Net)

We recommend using GuardSaaS configurations:

  • 16 converters in the system
  • up to 16 controllers on 1 Converter
  • up to 1,000 employees
  • up to 2,000 cards

Second, register account on the site GuardSaas

To register, you must have a valid e-mail box. Follow the link and enter:

  • Your name or company name
  • email 
  • password

Read the rules (conditions) and tick the box "I have read." Then click on "Register".
The system will accept the data and send an e-mail to your address. To continue with the registration, you need to get this message and click on the link that it contains.
At this registration is over. Always remember your login (email) and password.
Remember the link for next logins.


Third, connect the equipment to the service GuardSaaS

Login into GuardSaaS web site and go to the "Hardware", then click "Add new converter."
In order that the server can communicate with your converter, you must enter the serial number located on the housing of the converter.
In addition, to work with the converter, you need to enter a password. Initial password is in the package delivery equipment. In the future, for security reasons, you should change it.
After entering the data, click on "Register". If the data are correct, and the converter is properly connected to the Internet, after a short time it appears in the list of converters.
By clicking on "Details", you can view detailed information about the converter, as well as enter a description that will facilitate the management of the system.
If the equipment is connected properly, the converter will automatically detect the connected controllers, and they appear in the list of controllers. By default, the controller is in an inactive state. To activate you need to click on "details" of the converter and then click "Connect" section of the controller parameters.
If no errors occurred, the color indicators and controllers of the converter changes to green, which means that you can start using the system.