Cloud solution for access control and monitoring of the work time

Service Cost

GuardSaaS service is paid for the time of use. The cost depends on the hardware configuration.

In order to make it easier and more convenient to get used GuardSaaS, the initial period 3 months of use is FREE with any hardware configuration. This allows for no additional cost to ensure service availability and suitability to your application.

Current prices are indicated in the table (per 30 days):
For 1
Controller € 0,5
Keys (cards) € 0,01

Advance fees are charged on the basis of the rate of at least 30 days of use, at cost, calculated based on the current system configuration.
The payment for the coming day is deducted from the customer's current account on the basis of the current configuration. Configuration changes are made during the day, not affecting the amount of the payment of this day.

Cost of services may vary by country.

Payment can be made in various ways, including online payments, bank transfers, etc. Please, contact for details.

You can purchase one of the standard prepaid packages from IronLogic and partners by bank transfer, in the online store IronLogic or by electronic money in your application cabinet: using 'Buy License" button.

You also can purchase license via bank transfer. To receive invoice, please, send your company informaiton to our email

Price for licenses is presented in following table:

Controllers Cards Period Price, €
2 50 1 year 20
2 100 1 year 25
2 250 1 year 45
5 100 1 year 45
10 250 1 year 90
+ 1
1 year 20
+ 5
1 year 30

+50 1 year 20

+100 1 year 25

1 year 60

Licenses can be summarized at one account. If you purchased a license 2/50 and 2/100, then with simultaneous activation you can use 4 controllers and 150 cards.

Also there is the possibility to get GuardSaaS license included when purchasing a set of equipment from your dealer.