Cloud solution for access control and monitoring of the work time

Why are licenses so expensive and time-limited?

GuardSaaS is a commercial project with no third-party funding. We receive neither assistance nor subsidies from any company. We exist only due to payment of access licenses by our customers.
We try to keep license prices as low as possible.
Our costs are constant, every month - today, tomorrow and in 5 years - we pay hosting company for servers rental, support service for helping customers, developers for servers support and system development. We must think about making enough money for the work of the system not only today, but also in a year, three or more. Therefore, we work by subscription and customers need to periodically pay for using the system.
You can not directly compare the cost of licenses for local software and SAAS service. Local software require significant additional costs for equipment and services, which are not existing in the SAAS model. We think that customers will be able to see the simplicity and reliability of the service, and will appreciate the significant reduction in their own efforts during the operation of the service.
On the other hand, if our income will increase, we promise not to increase or, if possible, reduce the prices. In addition, with increased revenues, we will have more opportunities to improve and extend the functionality of the system and offer new capabilities to our customers.