Cloud solution for access control and monitoring of the work time
Don't need a server and a sysadmin

Setting can be made from any computer and requires no special skills

Platform independence

maintenance and control from any location and platform via browser (Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, Android)

Offline system operation

Internet connection is required while you changing settings or running reports

Total security

Encrypted connection. Automatic Backups.

Centralized control

Centralized management of multiple objects regardless of their location.

Low cost of ownership

Use free of charge with a small quantity of controllers.
Minimal cost of equipment.

24h collection of information from the controllers

The connection protocol http does not require the supplemental setups of proxy and firewall

SMS notifications for

- the security breach
- loss of the connection
- attempt at the unsanctioned entry
- etc.

Daily email reports

- Delays
- The early withdrawals
- Long absence at the work site
- etc.

Simple and inexpensive ACS.
Cloud Access Control and Time Attendance Tracking.
NO server hardware and software installation required.

  • 1 door - 1 controller
  • 1-32 doors per 1 converter
  • up to 2,000 / 5,000 / 8,000 cards depending on controller's type
  • remote doors connected via IP, WiFi, 3G
  • management via Internet browser
  • STANDALONE equipment work - no local server required
  • entry reports, attendance tracking
  • notifications via email and text
Use cases
  • office (office centers with separate access for tenants)
  • house / intercom (apartment buildings, several entrances)
  • parking
  • distributed premises (offices, shops, warehouses) with common control
  • unsuitable premises (basements, attics)
  • schools (text notification to the parent's phone when child is passing)
  • time tracking without access control
  • gyms etc (cards with limit by time or # of uses)
  • hotels
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