Cloud solution for access control and monitoring of the work time

Detailed Information

Technical Features

  • Setting and reading of reports via a browser
  • Supports up to 32 controllers at a Z397-Web Converter
  • Management and control from anywhere in the world, mobile clients (iPad, iPhone, Android)
  • A secure connection
  • Centralized management of multiple objects, regardless of their location
  • The service is free with a small number of controllers
  • The minimal costs of the equipment
  • 24-hour gathering information from the controllers
  • The http protocol connection - no additional setup for the proxy and firewall


The control of labor discipline GuardSaaS for time of arrival, departure and movement of the employee during working hours. Furthermore, the system control of the passage through the door, using a controller with locks. The system works like a "cloud" service on the Internet and eliminates the need for on-site computer that is running ACS.
If the following is provided for each employee ID cards or key fobs (IDs). Come or go into the room, must bring every employee ID to the reader, the controller that the card code, gives a command to release the door lock, if installed. Thus, records the time and the direction of passage of the employee.

With GuardSaaS system, you can:

  • Service via the internet several objects (each with its own Web Z397)
  • Prepare monthly, weekly and daily reports on the duration of the actual situation of the work of employees;
  • Identify violations of labor discipline;
  • Graphically view the movement of employees during the day;
  • Showing the change in the position of the employee quickly;
  • Block maps employee for a certain period, for example, if he (she) is on vacation;
  • informing by means of pop-up window, on the movement of people.

The Link to the service:

GuardSaas Service supports the following hardware:

  1. Any device that is connected to the Internet via a browser.
  2. Z-397 Web Web converter. Provides a link to the service controller
  3. The network controller Guard-Net
  4. The network controller Z-5R Net ( Z-5R Net 8000 )
  5. The network controller/Reader Matrix-II Net
  6. Exit button
  7. Reader
  8. Turnstile or barrier
  9. Lock